Thursday, November 12, 2009

Welcome Coach Potapenko

( Mad Ants 2nd Assistant Coach Vitaly Potapenko backing down now destitute Antoine Walker)

The Mad Ants have have brought in NBA veteran Vitaly Potapenko as 2nd Assistant Coach to help Coach Meyer and Asst. Coach Sanders this season. Potapenko had a ten year NBA career and played (and started) with several different NBA teams. He will be a great asset in working with our players, specifically our bigs.

I am going to take a stab at what I think our starting lineup will be on opening night. Remember this is coming from a guy who last played organized basketball in 6th grade (I got cut in 7th grade, DARN YOU MR. KENNEDY!) and training camp doesn't start until Saturday.

PG: Kyle McAlarney
SG: Frank Tolbert
SF: Ron Howard
PF: Rob Kurz
C: Chris Hunter

The position I am really undecided on is Small Forward. I know Ron will almost certainly start but whether it's SG or SF I don't have a clue. I put Tolbert as SG as he was our 2nd round draft pick, so I assume the Coaches and JP are high on him. So I feel good about four of the five, but hey that is what training camp is for. Feel free to take your shot at what you think the starting lineup will be in the comments section. The first person who posts with the correct starting lineup will win a brand new Mad Ants license plate holder.


  1. I would say that Tolbert is more small forward and Howard more shooting guard. Nice try, Martzengruben.

  2. Hey, that is why I sell the tickets and you do....whatever it is you do.

    Also, I am a little hurt that you have not shown my blog any love in this avalanche of posts. How soon they forget...

  3. I may be addicted to putting up posts now that I know how to embed video. Garrett, do you know how to embed video?

  4. Just would not be right to say the same 5 so I am going to throw 1 different 1 in.
    Lovin' the look @ the depth here.
    Jeff are you going to grow a pair and get on these refs this season? I can't believe you let them get away w/ what they did last year...I was kinda counting on you, Seeing I kinda knew JJ would'nt...:) On a serious note, when is the staff going to cut the numbers down after practices start?