Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mad Ants Make First Cuts

The Mad Ants Coaching staff has made first round of cuts. We were required to have the roster down to 12 by tommorrow (Wednesday). Here is a list of who was released today:

Frank Tolbert (Auburn) 6'4 Guard

Mr. Tolbert was a player Jeff Potter was very high on in the draft. Sort of surprising to see him released in the first round of cuts.

Jared Carter (Kentucky) 7'2 Center

Jared came into camp through open tryouts and impressed the Coaches with not only his size but his quick feet. The problem is that with Chris Hunter, Rob Kurz (two NBA caliber talents) and Anthony Kent (who looked to really be elevating his game at the end of last season) who has "ridiculous" upside there was simply not room on the roster. With Jared's size and potential, I would not be surprised to see him end up on another D-League roster or I could see us bringing him back if we were to lose Chris Hunter or Rob Kurz to a NBA Gatorade Call-up.

Booker Woodfox (Creighton) 6'1 Guard

I do not have any real insight (as if I am qualified to give insight on anyone) on Booker. Just a victim of the numbers game.

Jamelle Cornley (Penn State) 6'5 Forward

Cornley is more on injured reserve than anything. He was having some minor issues with his knee but I would be shocked if we did not see him back on the Mad Ants roster when he recovers. I heard nothing but good things about him when I observed different practices.

So IU fans, that means AJ Ratliff is still in the building! Keeping my dream alive to get a Hoosier back on the Mad Ants roster.

Here is the remaining players still on the Mad Ants Training Camp Roster:

Brandon Cotton
Kyle McAlarney
Andres Sandoval
AJ Ratliff
Ron Howard
DeWitt Scott
CJ Anderson
Ryan Ayers
Rob Kurz
Anthony Kent
Chris Hunter
Sean Sonderleiter


  1. Another stellar read Martz... Thanks for the rundown.
    However as a Hoosier fan I could really care less where these guys went to school.
    I think the city of Fort Wayne, and myself would really just get into coming out and watching a team that plays hard and has a "successful season."
    In the end what packs the house is a winning ballclub. I.E As the Tin Caps showed this season w/ the attendance they pulled for being a Padrae affiliate. The #'s that they drew for games were astonishing.

  2. I agree that winning is paramount. Quite a few IU fans have asked me about how AJ Ratliff is doing, so I wanted to give them an update.

    I think we will get the best of both worlds this year, especially with the Notre Dame guys. Rob Kurz is a legit NBA caliber player who is simply a victim of the down economy. McAlarney had a great summer league with the Clippers and Ayers has been really showing what he can do in training camp.

    I agree that a winning season will the biggest factor in creating more fan excitement, but having a few local big names certainly doesn't hurt.

  3. Great insight mr Martz. Thanks for the updates. Do you help the coaching staff ? You seem to be really keen on basketball talent.