Friday, November 6, 2009

More Information on the Trade

Well, as it is still not "official", I can not really say one way or another on the trade. As the most powerful Blog in the D-League I must be a wordsmith and try not to offend the powers that be (even if Dan Reed never blogs anymore). What I can do though is send you a link to one of my favorite blogs in Ridiculous Upside. Heck, I can even quote a tweet that the Erie Bayhawks sent out last night:

"TRADE REPORT! BayHawks trade Rob Kurz to Ft. Wayne Mad Ants for 10th Overall Pick...BayHawks Select Alade Amino with the 10th Pick"

So a pretty solid rumor if the BayHawks are "tweeting" it. I still cannot get comfortable with using the word tweet.


  1. The latest Rob Kurz profile, heres link... Hope this works...
    The little research I have done on our draft I am thinking all these guys are hard workers who will blend in well w/ the nucleus that we have built around them. I really hope we get a chance to see Jamelle Cornley.. This guy has a bulldog mentality, Very tough, a little undersized but will mix it up w/ anybody.
    Frank Tolbert is another guy I was reading about and everything I was reading was suggesting that this guy is a scrapper. Here was a quote from a Auburn fan about Tolbert, "Frank Tolbert gave it everything he had whenever he stepped out on that basketball court. He is the only tiger to ever wear the #1 jersey. The coaches created a new stat just for Frank, the floor burn. But most importantly, he stuck with his team through thick and thin."
    Just a few guys that stuck out at me however I feel the rest of the pieces we recieved last night will prove to be very solid adds.. Looking forward to taking out 2 years of frustration out on our opponents this season...Lets get it on...

  2. That is exactly what Jeff Potter and Kyle Thoms were saying after the draft. That all the guys we picked up our scrappers who will do whatever it takes to win.

    This will be by far the most interesting Mad Ants training camp to date, just so incredibly deep. Coach Meyer said after the draft that this will be the best roster he has ever had going into training camp. Coming from a guy who has already won two D-League titles, I would say that is a good sign!

    If you get a chance come out to one of our training camp practices. They will be held at the Concordia Seminary and I will let you know the schedule once it becomes available later this week. We may also host an evening practice at the Coliseum in a few weeks depending on availability.

  3. Sounds great...Thx Garrett