Monday, November 9, 2009

Mad Ants Training Camp Roster 09-10

Check out this link for the official training camp roster of the 2009-10 Fort Wayne Mad Ants.

The Mad Ants will be having an open practice at the Memorial Coliseum on Wednesday Nov. 18th from 5-7pm. It is open to the public and you will get a chance to see how this years roster is shaping up. The Mad Ants will also be playing a preseason game AT Erie on Nov. 20th.

Speaking of Erie, one of the big stories coming out of the draft (for the Mad Ants anyways) was Rod Wilmont getting selected by the Erie Bayhawks. Originally the Ants were considering taking Rod as an allocated player due to his background at IU. It came down to a numbers game and the Coaching staff decided to go with Kyle McAlarney and Ryan Ayers from Notre Dame. The plan was to take Rod in the draft but the story is that in the 5th round we were going to select Rod and sure enough Erie took him before we had the chance. I know Rod has quite a few fans and friends in Fort Wayne who are disappointed he will not be with the Mad Ants. The good thing is we play the Erie Bayhawks four times at home and fans will still get a chance to see him in action. Hopefully Rod takes his frustration out on the court and I think it could really add to the Mad Ants/Bayhawks rivalry.

Bad news, Sarah FINALLY saw her Embarrassing Mad Ants Photo and promptly ratted me out to Heidi. So by my made up rules, Heidi reading my blog gets her out of the photo. Another made up rule is that rules are made to be broken! I just need to find the perfect picture...

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