Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Update on Returning Mad Ants Players

Reggie Hayes had a nice article today in the News Sentinel about Mad Ants players who will be returning to the team this year. I had mentioned Chris Hunter, Ron Howard, and Anthony Kent in a previous blog but we will also be seeing back-up big man Sean Sonderleiter and IPFW sharpshooter DeWitt Scott returning.

Here is a direct quote from the article in regards to the potential allocated players we could see in a Mad Ants uniform:

"In addition to the draft, the Mad Ants will also receive two allocated players, based on their local ties. While those players have not yet been announced, they could come from a group that includes former Notre Dame players Kyle McAlarney and Rob Kurz and former Indiana University players Marshall Strickland, A.J. Ratliff and Rod Wilmont. Wilmont played with the Ants two years ago."

Out of this group the Mad Ants are only allowed to reserve two "Allocated Players". You can also add 2009 Notre Dame graduate Ryan Ayers to the list above who entered the D-League player pool.

Another player in the D-League player pool that some Hoosier fans may recognize is Gary Ware who graduated from Purdue in 2006. No idea if he is on Coach Meyer's radar, but how great would it be to have a player from IU, Notre Dame, and Purdue on the team.

I will have an entire breakdown of the Mad Ants training camp roster on Friday. I may sneak in another blog tonight or tomorrow with a breakdown of the possible Pistons who could see time in Fort Wayne this year.

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  1. Sounds great.... Lots of good names my fav. Kyle McAlarney and Rob Kurz.....Thanks again for the updates.....